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The project main objective is the application of a new analytical technique for the quantification of dioxin, tracking continuous PCDDs/PCDFs concentrations in air, soil and biota (vegetal) at the surroundings of a MSW incineration facility.

Actual dioxins emission measure methods are performed on point source and they are limited to once or twice per year. The lack of a continuous measure method entails the risk of overlooking emissions peaks and therefore, unrepresentative results. The project will measure the dioxins concentration in the atmosphere surrounding of an incineration facility, and not on the point source (the chimney). This approach will make possible to correlate the atmosphere measurements with those obtained in soil and biota to establish the bulk deposition transfer from the atmosphere to other environments.

This technology is capable of detecting vapors below the ppq level; this would facilitate the detection of these compounds and could establish security measures to prevent exposure of the population and the environment to such compounds.


During project execution, the effectiveness of the new analytical technique to measure the dioxins concentration in different environments will be demonstrated. For this purpose, a series of actions will be carried out. A brief summary of all of them is as follows:


list-dioxdetector Set up the technique.

list-dioxdetector Optimization of the detection method.

list-dioxdetector Modelization of the dioxins dispersion. Identification of the sampling points.

list-dioxdetector Protocol for the pretrearment of the collected samples.

list-dioxdetector Sampling protocol.

list-dioxdetector Sample analysis (DIOX Detector).

list-dioxdetector Results analysis. Temporal evolution of the dioxins in different media.

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